This is me in pictures, quotes & rants ; my secrets, my thoughts and whatever makes me happy in that moment. Therefore if i know you, please leave and dont look back. Im nineteen and trying to find my place in this crazy world. I belong to a town that everyone hates but seems to never leave.

bs; i miss your face and your words of wisdom. you always know exactly what i need to hear before i realize it myself. you’re proof that distance isnt always a terrible thing, though there are a few hundred miles between us our friendship hasnt suffered. im so incredibly proud of you for getting out of here. keep your chin up baby. love you always, coralkins<3

tw; you’ve always been one to stand up for me, whether i was there to witness it or not. we may be a little rocky, but its fitting because you’ll always be my rock. you tell me the bitter truth when i need it most, and even in those times that i dont want to hear it. 7 years isnt nearly enough time to call you my bestfriend, so please dont go anywhere.

md; the first night i met you we hit it off, literally. 2 years later, and im still appologizing for knocking you out… ya shouldnt have gotten in the way. but here recently, you’ve defiantly opened my eyes a little wider. you make me laugh and smile in the times that all i see is red. im stubborn and im very indepenedent but you challange that. when i push, you push back in order to do the right thing. thank you for keeping an eye over me these last few weeks, and for reminding me that you’re not every one else. thank you for being you. 

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